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This includes a disco with all the lights and music you would expect. I play games with the kids which can vary from all the traditional ones (musical bumps, statues, pass the parcel etc) to more active group games for older kids and non elimination for little ones. I also have some games that I have created myself, and I am always willing to listen to what the kids would like to play too.

Prizes for the games are included at no extra cost.

I do a dancing competition with the kids, and give a prize to the best boy and best girl.

Dancing is a key element of the bairnz party. You will  find me jumping around with your kids teaching them all the moves to the classic party songs. From Superman to cha cha slide to Gangnam Style. I know them all.

The birthday cake moment is also very special.

A bairnz party is a whirlwind 2 hours of good madness! 🙂

If you have a lot of other elements added into your party (mascots, princess visits, superheroes etc) then i can also extend the fun to 2.5 hours or 3, depending on your own specific party needs.



By the time they reach 12 or 13, kids want more of a mini rave than a traditional kids party. So here at Bairnz I can do just that. I will play all the songs they love to hear and if they want to send me a playlist in advance then that is no problem. I provide Glow sticks for the kids to shake, and sweets too. All the lights they need to feel like their party is that little bit more grown up than the traditional kids party are included too. I can do this from age 12 up to age 16.



If you have a large venue for your wedding, I can also provide a kids disco for all the children at your wedding while you are having your meal and speeches. If the venue has a seperate room then I can set up all the Bairnz fun in there and keep the kids busy. All the fun of the basic kids party is included and Minnie Mouse will also come to visit.



Gather the family together and celebrate the arrival of your new baby. I can provide a family party for after the service, the kids will be entertained with games and dancing and there will be music and fun for all the family too. Just let me know how long you want the party to be and I can entertain your whole family for the whole time.



Celebrate your child’s first holy communion by throwing them a party! All the fun of the basic kids party is included, or if you want to invite all the family I can cater to them all with music for all generations.



Are you in charge of a Gala day? I can provide a disco for your fundraising events. All the fun and music you need to entertain the kids and raise funds for your gala day.



I can provide a disco for the whole school from P1  to P7 or high school. All the music they love to hear and games as well.